What is a Karisma Salon Suite?

The salon suite model has revolutionized the industry adding and alternative to the salon experience. Karisma offers the benefit of individual or shared suites that include quality fixtures, equipment and luxurious high end space, custom station cabinetry, major utilities, laundry facilities, free business resources and superior design . At Karisma you can have the high end salon experience at a price comparable to booth rental rates at most salons.

Why is renting a Karisma Salon Suite better than paying booth rental or working at a standard salon setting?

Why is renting a Karisma Salon Suite better than paying booth rental or working YOU are your own boss, and only YOU decide when and what hours you wish to work and YOU get to keep ALL of your profits. No manager or annoying coworker, no commission sales and work the hours you want to. We have removed the high start up costs and stress by providing you a well equipped suite that you share with no one else but yourself with all major utilities, WIFI, laundry facilities to use as needed with rates comparable to booth rentals at other salons.

What hours am I allowed to operate?

Your suite is available to you 24 hours a day and 7 days per week. You set your own hours. Karisma Salon Suites provides a secure main entrance and each suite is individually locked allowing you access anytime
needed to serve your clients. Also noteworthy is access in and out of the salon studio it controlled by coded entry and key phob. There is 24 hour video surveillance throughout the property.

Can I paint or decorate my suite?

We believe your suite is an expression of your personality. Décor such as pictures or mirrors on the walls, seating, or other furnishings is at your discretion, and a quick check with Karisma Salon Suites is recommended.. Larger fixtures, décor, or painting does require the approval of Karisma Salon Suites prior to the work being done. Karisma Salon Suites will also offer light carpentry services at very affordable rates to help with hanging shelves, pictures, etc. Just one more item you do not have to worry about.

Can I share my suite with another professional?

Karisma Salon Suites does have over sized suites. We have single suites that can accommodate two professionals, and our larger suites can handle a third professional comfortably. If sharing is an option for you, Karisma Salon Suites will have a solution that will fit your budget and allow you to obtain your career goals.

What sets Karisma Salon Suites apart from other salon suites of the same type business model?

Karisma’s location on a major corridor of Carolina Beach Road and has more than 80 parking spaces dedicated to the building that Karisma is located in which is also a Class A property with 300’ of road frontage.

The property is owned by the principal owner of Karisma and not leased third party from a separate landlord principal that is different from Karisma itself. There is no chance that the business lease will expire as is the risk with MOST other properties with the same business model.

Also the suites were designed and built by the principal owner of the property who has 35 years of design and construction experience in many diverse areas of the world including Europe and South America as well as the US. The design of Karisma has included high ceilings, each interior wall is insulated with sound batts in an effort to avoid noise from the adjacent units and to enhance privacy. Each unit has an engineered exhaust system to carry out any fumes from each individual space created from acrylics or any type of salon process. The space is very modern, contemporary and fresh.